Samantha Chow

Website | Samantha Chow is a Chinese-Indonesian Illustrator who likes creating narratives and sequential art since stories are something that interests and motivates her greatly. She loves to travel and enjoys doing reportage drawings of the places she has been to as a way to record what she sees on paper. In 2019, prior… Continue reading Samantha Chow

Valeriya Korbina

Website | Instagram | Twitter Valeriya Korbina is a London based illustrator and printmaker from Ukraine. She loves risography, collage, printmaking (aquatint, etchings and lino) and drawing with traditional materials. Her work lies between experimental abstract collages, both in digital and traditional media, and concentrates on capturing the character and atmosphere in a caricatural… Continue reading Valeriya Korbina

Saudah Mukadam

Website | Instagram | Twitter Saudah is an Indo-Irish Muslim illustrator based in London. The name she uses in her handles 'Saudah Pop' comes from one of the many mispronunciations of her name, in this case 'Soda' (hence, Soda Pop, like the drink). She primarily works in digital and printmaking media, with a focus… Continue reading Saudah Mukadam

Robin Richardson

Website | Instagram | Twitter Robin Richardson (aka Chocolatula) is a London based illustrator. They have a versatile style and specialise in digital art for graphic novels and concept art. Currently, they are working to broaden their practice into areas such as storyboarding, book illustration, advertising and editorial work. Before studying Illustration at Middlesex,… Continue reading Robin Richardson

Maggie Davies

Website | Instagram Maggie is an illustrator living in Bristol. Her main goal is to be able to create images that can convey the world around us in the most beautiful and interesting way possible and she uses a range of materials: coloured pencil, watercolour and gouache in this pursuit.Previous competitions include the Penguin Student… Continue reading Maggie Davies

Spark Chen

Instagram Chen loves to create whimsical characters using digital processes. The aim in all of his work is to evoke an emotional reaction and focus mainly on the design of expression within his characters which encourages him to the use strong colours, bold strokes and clear structure in his compositions. While he mainly uses… Continue reading Spark Chen