Yu-Ling Sung

Website | Instagram yulingsung.draws@gmail.com Yuling Sung is a Taiwanese illustrator based in London. In her practices, she uses both digital and traditional techniques, including (but not limited to) Procreate drawing, pencil, colour pencil, ink, and printmaking. She enjoys exploring the natures of different mediums and combining them to create bold, simple images that tell stories and… Continue reading Yu-Ling Sung

Samantha Chow

Website | Instagramsamanthaferiolla@gmail.com Samantha Chow is a Chinese-Indonesian Illustrator who likes creating narratives and sequential art since stories are something that interests and motivates her greatly. She loves to travel and enjoys doing reportage drawings of the places she has been to as a way to record what she sees on paper. In 2019, prior… Continue reading Samantha Chow

Melihat Ismail

Website | Instagrammel.ismail409@yahoo.co.uk Mel Ismail is an illustrator and printmaker based in London and Hertfordshire. She is a graduate from Middlesex University who’s work consists of traditional mediums such as lino print, etching and collage, as well as digital painting. Mel is extremely passionate about using her artistic skills to portray some of the ongoing… Continue reading Melihat Ismail

Danielle Gnadou

Website | Instagram D.gnadou@yahoo.com Danielle Gnadou is a London based illustrator, primarily focused on traditional illustration , graphic design and stop motion animation. She aims to be loose and experimental in her artwork, using a range of mixed media / bright and contrasting colours to authenticate each piece. Dani’s work often reflects on her sense… Continue reading Danielle Gnadou

Stephanie Schweigert

Website stepha.schweigert@gmail.com Stephanie Schweigert is a Cologne based freelance illustrator working primarily with traditional and analogue techniques. She specialises in atmospheric painting using vibrant colours but always maintaining a dark tone. Outside of her painting practice, Stephanie enjoys working on detailed drawings that are often eerie in atmosphere. Despite these recurring themes in her practice,… Continue reading Stephanie Schweigert

Wilson So

Website | Instagram | Twitter wirusonso@gmail.com Wilson So is a London based illustrator, graphic storyteller and printmaker from Macau. His special 'kink' is mixing traditional and digital approaches to create dynamic and loose illustrations. His works often include stories in the urban city, as well as focusing on the queer community. Ink is his favourite… Continue reading Wilson So

Valeriya Korbina

Website | Instagram | Twitter valeriossa.k@gmail.com Valeriya Korbina is a London based illustrator and printmaker from Ukraine. She loves risography, collage, printmaking (aquatint, etchings and lino) and drawing with traditional materials. Her work lies between experimental abstract collages, both in digital and traditional media, and concentrates on capturing the character and atmosphere in a caricatural… Continue reading Valeriya Korbina

Olga Pikalova

Website | Instagram | Twitter olgapikalova29@gmail.com Olga is an illustrator and animator who primarily works with digital processes and a graphic style. Posters are Olga’s main strength and she hopes to begin producing them for film and businesses in the future. She enjoys rotoscoping in her animation work and is fluent in using after effects… Continue reading Olga Pikalova

Morgan Thompson-Gordon

Website | Instagram morganthompsongordon@gmail.com Morgan Thompson-Gordan has had an interest in art from a young age and has developed a particular love for printmaking, as well as digital processes where he attempts to replicate mark-making and textures present in screen-printing processes. In the future, Morgan hopes to become an art teacher to pass on the… Continue reading Morgan Thompson-Gordon

Maggie Davies

Website | Instagram Maggie is an illustrator living in Bristol. Her main goal is to be able to create images that can convey the world around us in the most beautiful and interesting way possible and she uses a range of materials: coloured pencil, watercolour and gouache in this pursuit.Previous competitions include the Penguin Student… Continue reading Maggie Davies