Asia Jo-Bradford

Website Asia is a British-Korean illustrator who primarily works with digital processes. For illustration, she works under her Korean name, Sora Jo. Her work is surreal and colourful to attract the eye and give a feeling of joy to even serious subjects. Political and environmental issues greatly influence her artwork and she is passionate… Continue reading Asia Jo-Bradford

Yu-Ling Sung

Website | Instagram Yuling Sung is a Taiwanese illustrator based in London. In her practices, she uses both digital and traditional techniques, including (but not limited to) Procreate drawing, pencil, colour pencil, ink, and printmaking. She enjoys exploring the natures of different mediums and combining them to create bold, simple images that tell stories and… Continue reading Yu-Ling Sung

Rowanna Galbraith

Website | Rowy is a London based illustrator. They love working across a variety of mediums but feel happiest when they’re outside with a sketchbook and an array of drawing tools, observing, and sketching the world around them. They enjoy taking inspiration from their sketchbook, to further develop drawings into prints, paintings and often… Continue reading Rowanna Galbraith

Melihat Ismail

Website | Mel Ismail is an illustrator and printmaker based in London and Hertfordshire. She is a graduate from Middlesex University who’s work consists of traditional mediums such as lino print, etching and collage, as well as digital painting. Mel is extremely passionate about using her artistic skills to portray some of the ongoing… Continue reading Melihat Ismail

Lorraine Ansell

Website | Lorraine is a London based illustrator. Longlisted in 2020 for the Templar Publishing Awards, she also created an online resource, based on gender, for the Kate Greenaway Award 2021. Lorraine enjoys black line artwork, creating patterns, and combining digital illustration with traditional printing techniques, with a particular fondness for Riso printing. Much… Continue reading Lorraine Ansell

Khadija Sayed

Website | Khadija is an illustrator and printmaker based in London. Her artwork is often inspired by her Indian ethnic roots, using bold colours and patterns throughout. Screen print and digital risograph mediums are frequently used throughout her work, mixing digital and traditional techniques. In addition to this Khadija is particularly interested in book… Continue reading Khadija Sayed

Isabelle Scagell

Website | Bella Scagell is a London based artist and illustrator from East Sussex. Bella works in arange of styles and techniques but has developed a particular love for embroidery andmachine sewing into water-coloured fabrics and papers. She layers her materials to createtextures and scenery that replicate those of the English countryside she grew… Continue reading Isabelle Scagell

Annie Hines

Website | Annie Hines is based in London and specialises in children's book illustration. She also makes short comics and paints portraits. Animals, particularly dogs, insects, reptiles and bears, are a regular feature in Annie's illustrations. She works in traditional and digital media, often combining the two. Annie uses bold colour in much of… Continue reading Annie Hines

Adler Soler Parra

Website | Adler Soler (aka muso) is a Spanish graphic designer and illustrator. They're passionate about giving a second life to old pieces such a written works, woodcut prints or even different forms of codes through clean design and minimal illustrations. Although their work is mainly developed through digital mediums, they also have experience… Continue reading Adler Soler Parra

Stephanie Schweigert

Website Stephanie Schweigert is a Cologne based freelance illustrator working primarily with traditional and analogue techniques. She specialises in atmospheric painting using vibrant colours but always maintaining a dark tone. Outside of her painting practice, Stephanie enjoys working on detailed drawings that are often eerie in atmosphere. Despite these recurring themes in her practice,… Continue reading Stephanie Schweigert