Adler Soler Parra

Website | Adler Soler (aka muso) is a Spanish graphic designer and illustrator. They're passionate about giving a second life to old pieces such a written works, woodcut prints or even different forms of codes through clean design and minimal illustrations. Although their work is mainly developed through digital mediums, they also have experience… Continue reading Adler Soler Parra

Tyrell Osborne

Instagram | Twitter Tyrell Osborne is an illustrator working across both digital and traditional methods of image making. His work covers a breadth of subject matter from protest posters of recent events such as the riots in Hong Kong and the Australian bush fires, to illustrating historic stories and events such as The Adventure… Continue reading Tyrell Osborne

Saudah Mukadam

Website | Instagram | Twitter Saudah is an Indo-Irish Muslim illustrator based in London. The name she uses in her handles 'Saudah Pop' comes from one of the many mispronunciations of her name, in this case 'Soda' (hence, Soda Pop, like the drink). She primarily works in digital and printmaking media, with a focus… Continue reading Saudah Mukadam

Sabreena Valydon

Website | Instagram | Twitter Sabreena Valydon is a London based illustrator who is interested in children’s book publishing and advertisement illustration. She works with both digital and traditional media and is flexible with her style. Her strengths lie in collage, printmaking, animation and digital illustration. She is enthusiastic about the field of illustration… Continue reading Sabreena Valydon

Robin Richardson

Website | Instagram | Twitter Robin Richardson (aka Chocolatula) is a London based illustrator. They have a versatile style and specialise in digital art for graphic novels and concept art. Currently, they are working to broaden their practice into areas such as storyboarding, book illustration, advertising and editorial work. Before studying Illustration at Middlesex,… Continue reading Robin Richardson

Olga Pikalova

Website | Instagram | Twitter Olga is an illustrator and animator who primarily works with digital processes and a graphic style. Posters are Olga’s main strength and she hopes to begin producing them for film and businesses in the future. She enjoys rotoscoping in her animation work and is fluent in using after effects… Continue reading Olga Pikalova

Keith Williams

Website | Instagram Keith Williams is an illustrator and writer based in London. His work focusses on the creation of narrative through mood, both in sequential comics and film posters, to convey characters and atmosphere through light and environment. Alongside his freelance illustration, in his personal practice Keith has submitted his work to competitions… Continue reading Keith Williams

Joana Carvalho

Website | Instagram | Twitter Joana Carvalho is a Portuguese illustrator based in London with an interest in children’s book publishing and editorial illustration. She is adaptive in her approach and open to engage with both traditional and digital processes. What she enjoys most in her illustration practice is the ability to create new… Continue reading Joana Carvalho

Spark Chen

Instagram Chen loves to create whimsical characters using digital processes. The aim in all of his work is to evoke an emotional reaction and focus mainly on the design of expression within his characters which encourages him to the use strong colours, bold strokes and clear structure in his compositions. While he mainly uses… Continue reading Spark Chen

Ewa Jedlinska

Website | Instagram | Twitter Ewa Jedlinska is a London based illustrator who works with traditional media such as lino and screen-printing methods, as well as digital processes. Her practice is deeply influenced by and aims to respond to current political and environmental issues through thought-provoking imagery. Ewa’s portfolio uses limited colour palettes and… Continue reading Ewa Jedlinska