Lou Kiss

Website | Instagramloukissdraws@gmail.com Lou is a freelance illustrator and digital designer with a strong focus on editorial and advertising works. Using simplified shapes, and bold colours, she creates illustrations that communicate a message on current issues. Whenever she is not working, she enjoys playing drums, attending to music festivals and concerts. Besides music, she also has… Continue reading Lou Kiss

Asia Jo-Bradford

Website sorajoillustration@gmail.com Asia is a British-Korean illustrator who primarily works with digital processes. For illustration, she works under her Korean name, Sora Jo. Her work is surreal and colourful to attract the eye and give a feeling of joy to even serious subjects. Political and environmental issues greatly influence her artwork and she is passionate… Continue reading Asia Jo-Bradford

Yu-Ling Sung

Website | Instagram yulingsung.draws@gmail.com Yuling Sung is a Taiwanese illustrator based in London. In her practices, she uses both digital and traditional techniques, including (but not limited to) Procreate drawing, pencil, colour pencil, ink, and printmaking. She enjoys exploring the natures of different mediums and combining them to create bold, simple images that tell stories and… Continue reading Yu-Ling Sung

Zuzana Scobakova

Website | Instagram | Facebookzisa.draws@gmail.com Zuzana M. Scobakova aka ZISA.DRAWS is a London based illustrator who is versatile in styles, but specializes in digital narrative work

Sara Ruiz

Website | Instagram Sara is a London-based illustrator from Spain. In terms of Illustration, her style is adaptable, but she enjoys illustrating book covers, editorial work, posters and zines. Her works are mostly made digitally unless she finds that a traditional approach gives better effect. She likes to work with a bright, defined colour palette,… Continue reading Sara Ruiz

Rolando Jr Ferido

Website | Instagram | Facebookrolando_ferido@yahoo.com Rolando Jr Ferido is a Filipino illustrator currently based in London. He has a versatile style and specialises in digital art in combination with traditional painting effects. His work is imbued with a strong sense of aesthetics, often depicting female portraiture as his preferred subject matter of choice. His work… Continue reading Rolando Jr Ferido

Melihat Ismail

Website | Instagrammel.ismail409@yahoo.co.uk Mel Ismail is an illustrator and printmaker based in London and Hertfordshire. She is a graduate from Middlesex University who’s work consists of traditional mediums such as lino print, etching and collage, as well as digital painting. Mel is extremely passionate about using her artistic skills to portray some of the ongoing… Continue reading Melihat Ismail

Lorraine Ansell

Website | Instagramlol.ansell@btopenworld.com Lorraine is a London based illustrator. Longlisted in 2020 for the Templar Publishing Awards, she also created an online resource, based on gender, for the Kate Greenaway Award 2021. Lorraine enjoys black line artwork, creating patterns, and combining digital illustration with traditional printing techniques, with a particular fondness for Riso printing. Much… Continue reading Lorraine Ansell

Khadija Sayed

Website | Instagramkhadijasayed99@gmail.com Khadija is an illustrator and printmaker based in London. Her artwork is often inspired by her Indian ethnic roots, using bold colours and patterns throughout. Screen print and digital risograph mediums are frequently used throughout her work, mixing digital and traditional techniques. In addition to this Khadija is particularly interested in book… Continue reading Khadija Sayed

Danielle Gnadou

Website | Instagram D.gnadou@yahoo.com Danielle Gnadou is a London based illustrator, primarily focused on traditional illustration , graphic design and stop motion animation. She aims to be loose and experimental in her artwork, using a range of mixed media / bright and contrasting colours to authenticate each piece. Dani’s work often reflects on her sense… Continue reading Danielle Gnadou