Jasmine Newton

Website | InstagramJn576@live.mdx.ac.uk "I’ve always been passionate about art, especially very detailed pieces that keep you lookingfor hours at a time. Artists such as Kerby Rosane and Bio Works were my main inspirationsgrowing up, their rich use of pattern and colour have resonated with me, and have becomesome of the most striking qualities found in… Continue reading Jasmine Newton

Samantha Chow

Website | Instagramsamanthaferiolla@gmail.com Samantha Chow is a Chinese-Indonesian Illustrator who likes creating narratives and sequential art since stories are something that interests and motivates her greatly. She loves to travel and enjoys doing reportage drawings of the places she has been to as a way to record what she sees on paper. In 2019, prior… Continue reading Samantha Chow

Zuzana Scobakova

Website | Instagram | Facebookzisa.draws@gmail.com Zuzana M. Scobakova aka ZISA.DRAWS is a London based illustrator who is versatile in styles, but specializes in digital narrative work

Rowanna Galbraith

Website | Instagramhello@rowygalbraith.com Rowy is a London based illustrator. They love working across a variety of mediums but feel happiest when they’re outside with a sketchbook and an array of drawing tools, observing, and sketching the world around them. They enjoy taking inspiration from their sketchbook, to further develop drawings into prints, paintings and often… Continue reading Rowanna Galbraith

Rolando Jr Ferido

Website | Instagram | Facebookrolando_ferido@yahoo.com Rolando Jr Ferido is a Filipino illustrator currently based in London. He has a versatile style and specialises in digital art in combination with traditional painting effects. His work is imbued with a strong sense of aesthetics, often depicting female portraiture as his preferred subject matter of choice. His work… Continue reading Rolando Jr Ferido

Nicole Jasper

Website | Instagramnicolefrancesjasper@outlook.com Nicole Jasper is an illustrator based in London. She specialises in digital illustration and animation but also loves to experiment with traditional methods like print, oil painting and crafting and is keen to try new things. Nicole enjoys creating fun characters and working with vibrant colour palettes. One of her passions outside her character… Continue reading Nicole Jasper

Naomi Bettridge

Website| Instagramnaomialiciarose@gmail.com Naomi Bettridge is a UK based illustrator, currently working from the Isle of Man; a beautiful Island in the Irish Sea. The majority of her illustrations are created using watercolours, where vibrant colours and detail are displayed throughout the artwork. Her appreciation for the natural world is shown within her illustrations, allowing a… Continue reading Naomi Bettridge

Lorraine Ansell

Website | Instagramlol.ansell@btopenworld.com Lorraine is a London based illustrator. Longlisted in 2020 for the Templar Publishing Awards, she also created an online resource, based on gender, for the Kate Greenaway Award 2021. Lorraine enjoys black line artwork, creating patterns, and combining digital illustration with traditional printing techniques, with a particular fondness for Riso printing. Much… Continue reading Lorraine Ansell

Kimberley Willshire

Instagram | Deviantart Kim is a UK based illustrator, currently working mostly with digital mediums and enjoy combiningillustrations with text to create interesting editorial layouts. Kim also explores themes of veganismand environmental issues in food projects, using and experimenting with different colour palettes,and just drawing whatever they feel like which can range from food to… Continue reading Kimberley Willshire

Isabelle Scagell

Website | Instagramscagellisabelle@gmail.com Bella Scagell is a London based artist and illustrator from East Sussex. Bella works in arange of styles and techniques but has developed a particular love for embroidery andmachine sewing into water-coloured fabrics and papers. She layers her materials to createtextures and scenery that replicate those of the English countryside she grew… Continue reading Isabelle Scagell