Spark Chen

Instagram Chen loves to create whimsical characters using digital processes. The aim in all of his work is to evoke an emotional reaction and focus mainly on the design of expression within his characters which encourages him to the use strong colours, bold strokes and clear structure in his compositions. While he mainly uses… Continue reading Spark Chen

Erin Barker

Website | Instagram | Twitter Erin (otherwise known as Erin Doodles), is a freelance illustrator and all-round art lover based in London. She usually works in traditional media such as watercolour, gouache, ink and coloured pencil and occasionally dabbles with digital processes. She finds inspiration in the ordinary - people, places, nature, books -… Continue reading Erin Barker

Ellen Knowles Website | Instagram Ellen Knowles is a London based illustrator and animator specialising in narrative illustration. Her practice explores a wide range of topics from fantasy to social issues such as the representation of women in society. She primarily uses digital processes and print-making media. Ellen has sold her work at the House of… Continue reading Ellen Knowles

Eliise Vahi

Website | Instagram Eliise is an Estonian illustrator currently based in London. She primarily works in editorial and children’s books and across mediums such as digital collage, animation, coloured pencils and 3D. The influence of vintage aesthetics and textures can be seen throughout her portfolio, as well as the inspiration of her personal collection… Continue reading Eliise Vahi