Lou Kiss

Website | Instagramloukissdraws@gmail.com Lou is a freelance illustrator and digital designer with a strong focus on editorial and advertising works. Using simplified shapes, and bold colours, she creates illustrations that communicate a message on current issues. Whenever she is not working, she enjoys playing drums, attending to music festivals and concerts. Besides music, she also has… Continue reading Lou Kiss

Jasmine Newton

Website | InstagramJn576@live.mdx.ac.uk "I’ve always been passionate about art, especially very detailed pieces that keep you lookingfor hours at a time. Artists such as Kerby Rosane and Bio Works were my main inspirationsgrowing up, their rich use of pattern and colour have resonated with me, and have becomesome of the most striking qualities found in… Continue reading Jasmine Newton

Asia Jo-Bradford

Website sorajoillustration@gmail.com Asia is a British-Korean illustrator who primarily works with digital processes. For illustration, she works under her Korean name, Sora Jo. Her work is surreal and colourful to attract the eye and give a feeling of joy to even serious subjects. Political and environmental issues greatly influence her artwork and she is passionate… Continue reading Asia Jo-Bradford

Yu-Ling Sung

Website | Instagram yulingsung.draws@gmail.com Yuling Sung is a Taiwanese illustrator based in London. In her practices, she uses both digital and traditional techniques, including (but not limited to) Procreate drawing, pencil, colour pencil, ink, and printmaking. She enjoys exploring the natures of different mediums and combining them to create bold, simple images that tell stories and… Continue reading Yu-Ling Sung

Samantha Chow

Website | Instagramsamanthaferiolla@gmail.com Samantha Chow is a Chinese-Indonesian Illustrator who likes creating narratives and sequential art since stories are something that interests and motivates her greatly. She loves to travel and enjoys doing reportage drawings of the places she has been to as a way to record what she sees on paper. In 2019, prior… Continue reading Samantha Chow

Sara Ruiz

Website | Instagram Sara is a London-based illustrator from Spain. In terms of Illustration, her style is adaptable, but she enjoys illustrating book covers, editorial work, posters and zines. Her works are mostly made digitally unless she finds that a traditional approach gives better effect. She likes to work with a bright, defined colour palette,… Continue reading Sara Ruiz

Rowanna Galbraith

Website | Instagramhello@rowygalbraith.com Rowy is a London based illustrator. They love working across a variety of mediums but feel happiest when they’re outside with a sketchbook and an array of drawing tools, observing, and sketching the world around them. They enjoy taking inspiration from their sketchbook, to further develop drawings into prints, paintings and often… Continue reading Rowanna Galbraith

Nicole Jasper

Website | Instagramnicolefrancesjasper@outlook.com Nicole Jasper is an illustrator based in London. She specialises in digital illustration and animation but also loves to experiment with traditional methods like print, oil painting and crafting and is keen to try new things. Nicole enjoys creating fun characters and working with vibrant colour palettes. One of her passions outside her character… Continue reading Nicole Jasper

Naomi Bettridge

Website| Instagramnaomialiciarose@gmail.com Naomi Bettridge is a UK based illustrator, currently working from the Isle of Man; a beautiful Island in the Irish Sea. The majority of her illustrations are created using watercolours, where vibrant colours and detail are displayed throughout the artwork. Her appreciation for the natural world is shown within her illustrations, allowing a… Continue reading Naomi Bettridge

Melihat Ismail

Website | Instagrammel.ismail409@yahoo.co.uk Mel Ismail is an illustrator and printmaker based in London and Hertfordshire. She is a graduate from Middlesex University who’s work consists of traditional mediums such as lino print, etching and collage, as well as digital painting. Mel is extremely passionate about using her artistic skills to portray some of the ongoing… Continue reading Melihat Ismail