Asia Jo-Bradford

Website Asia is a British-Korean illustrator who primarily works with digital processes. For illustration, she works under her Korean name, Sora Jo. Her work is surreal and colourful to attract the eye and give a feeling of joy to even serious subjects. Political and environmental issues greatly influence her artwork and she is passionate… Continue reading Asia Jo-Bradford

Samantha Chow

Website | Samantha Chow is a Chinese-Indonesian Illustrator who likes creating narratives and sequential art since stories are something that interests and motivates her greatly. She loves to travel and enjoys doing reportage drawings of the places she has been to as a way to record what she sees on paper. In 2019, prior… Continue reading Samantha Chow

Rolando Jr Ferido

Website | Instagram | Rolando Jr Ferido is a Filipino illustrator currently based in London. He has a versatile style and specialises in digital art in combination with traditional painting effects. His work is imbued with a strong sense of aesthetics, often depicting female portraiture as his preferred subject matter of choice. His work… Continue reading Rolando Jr Ferido

Nicole Jasper

Website | Nicole Jasper is an illustrator based in London. She specialises in digital illustration and animation but also loves to experiment with traditional methods like print, oil painting and crafting and is keen to try new things. Nicole enjoys creating fun characters and working with vibrant colour palettes. One of her passions outside her character… Continue reading Nicole Jasper

Emma Alfheim

Website | Instagram | Emma K. Alfheim is a Norwegian/Canadian illustrator based in Oslo, who is specialized in narrative illustrations, such as comics, picture books and animations. She enjoys drawing characters, creatures and sharing fictional stories, ranging from playful lighthearted adventures to grim mysterious tales. Emma works digitally and occasionally incorporates photography into her imagery. In her… Continue reading Emma Alfheim

Wilson So

Website | Instagram | Twitter Wilson So is a London based illustrator, graphic storyteller and printmaker from Macau. His special 'kink' is mixing traditional and digital approaches to create dynamic and loose illustrations. His works often include stories in the urban city, as well as focusing on the queer community. Ink is his favourite… Continue reading Wilson So

Pandora Munford

Instagram | Twitter Pandora’s practice combines a mixture of strange things that are loosely connected by messy colour pallets and worn threads. The theme of childhood and nostalgia is important in her practice and is explored through a child-like perspective or dissonance. The inclusion of miniatures and physical objects interest Pandora such as dolls,… Continue reading Pandora Munford

Olga Pikalova

Website | Instagram | Twitter Olga is an illustrator and animator who primarily works with digital processes and a graphic style. Posters are Olga’s main strength and she hopes to begin producing them for film and businesses in the future. She enjoys rotoscoping in her animation work and is fluent in using after effects… Continue reading Olga Pikalova

Megan Wilson

Website | Instagram | Twitter Megan Wilson is a Hertfordshire based illustrator with a practice that focuses on book covers, children’s illustration and character design using both digital and traditional processes. Following a lifelong interest in fiction and storytelling, Megan began developing her practice from a young age. In the future, she aspires to… Continue reading Megan Wilson

Spark Chen

Instagram Chen loves to create whimsical characters using digital processes. The aim in all of his work is to evoke an emotional reaction and focus mainly on the design of expression within his characters which encourages him to the use strong colours, bold strokes and clear structure in his compositions. While he mainly uses… Continue reading Spark Chen