Santhya Rajeswaran

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Santhya Rajeswaran is a Sri Lankan illustrator who is currently based in London. She predominantly works with digital media but also works traditionally using bright acrylic inks along with highly pigmented gold watercolours. Her work is quite detailed and colourful which draws your attention to the energy in her style of line art and the use of textures and patterns. Her pattern work is mostly inspired by her culture through their traditional festivities. You can see this below in the postcards she designed from influence of a very special and colourful festival which takes place in Sri Lanka every year.

Santhya aspires to be a successful children’s book illustrator just like Rob Biddulph who was the inspiration that lead her to specialise in Illustration by a talk/presentation he performed in her foundation year in creative media. As well as her passion for creating beautiful children’s books, she is equally fond of illustrating meaningful work surrounding animal cruelty and extinction. Thus, she decided to design an informative colouring book on the endangered species of the world for a final major project.