Melihat Ismail

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Mel Ismail is an illustrator and printmaker based in London and Hertfordshire. She is a graduate from Middlesex University who’s work consists of traditional mediums such as lino print, etching and collage, as well as digital painting. Mel is extremely passionate about using her artistic skills to portray some of the ongoing issues around the world including animal cruelty, racism etc.

However, she finds reading equally enjoyable and therefore still loves to use her imagination to bring story books and film posters to life! Even though she doesn’t shy away from bright colours, her preferred colour scheme is a combination of black, white and red. As she believes that these colours combined are incredibly striking and can capture the mood behind an art piece in such powerful ways.

Outside of her illustration practice, she continues to draw pencil portraits in her spare time and is currently taking commissions. She has also participated in the Penguin Student Design Award in 2021.