Isabelle Scagell

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Bella Scagell is a London based artist and illustrator from East Sussex. Bella works in a
range of styles and techniques but has developed a particular love for embroidery and
machine sewing into water-coloured fabrics and papers. She layers her materials to create
textures and scenery that replicate those of the English countryside she grew up in.
Bella has exhibited in a number of exhibitions including Farley Arts in 2016 in which she won
best sculpture award. Since, she has also won two of their bursary competitions and is currently
in preparation for exhibiting with them a second time in September 2021. She will also be
exhibiting in the Poetry Café exhibition 2021.
Following the completion of her BA in Illustration, Bella continues to work as a freelancer and
seller of her own artwork. She hopes to publish her own children’s books in the near future.