Invaders Videogame Feminism; Level One – Boy Culture

Videogames were first introduced during the 1970’s and quickly became the most popular entertainment media, they represent modern visual culture and directly reflect issues within society. Since their creation videogames have been stigmatised with the male gender. Marketed towards males and their stereotypical interests and desires through ad campaigns, resulting in the exclusion of females… Continue reading Invaders Videogame Feminism; Level One – Boy Culture

Wilson So- My experience using Synthesizer V

For his research project WILSON SO applied his draftsmanship to technology, using drawing to program a vocal synthesiser. This is an account of his experience; Synthesizer V, a voice synthesizer similar to Vocaloid, was developed by Dreamtonics Co., Ltd. I have experimented with this software to see how it works and have tried to cover All… Continue reading Wilson So- My experience using Synthesizer V

Preview-BALLYHOO: The Arts Resource Guide For Graduates

BALLYHOO: The Arts Resource Guide For Graduates is Katie O’Donnell’s saving grace for graduates entering the professional creative world. Championing live and primary research methods, Katie spent the year interviewing those already working in the industry to offer some glimmers of hope, advice and insight into the reality of developing a freelance practice in today’s cut… Continue reading Preview-BALLYHOO: The Arts Resource Guide For Graduates


For the Cultural and Contextual Studies project 2020, students were asked to discover new and refreshing ways of presenting research through combining their design and written skills, taking into consideration to what extent design choices might reinforce ideas and enhance understanding. Outcomes have ranged from newspapers, zines, manifestos and interactive websites, samples of which can… Continue reading Introduction